Has the Adidas Crazy Explosive ruined my Boost experience? Let me explain. For a number of years Adidas have featured their Boost foam in a number of their athletic shoes. For those who are not familiar with the material, the most obvious question would then be; what is Boost? Already described by most as the best cushioning system in recent years, the Boost is made up of what is regarded as highly elastic thermoplastic urethane that is formed into a foamed palet. Some of the properties found in each individual palet include particles that are rarely found together, it is those particles that make it very soft and springy; which has caused great reactions from its innovators who found added benefits and came up with terms such as “energy return”. while the Boost doesnt necessarily give you back energy, it certainly contributes to improving performance in terms of going further and faster. Initially, the Boost was featured in running shoes, then was steadily introduced to other sports genres. Some of the 1st basketball shoes to feature the Boost were the Crazy Light, as well as DRose 5.

And that, is what brings me back to my point. It would have been interesting to experience the Boost through its development stages where it appeared mostly on the heels through to the mid-sole of the shoe. At the time, some of the more immediate focus was put on cushioning to assist players with their landing and pressure absorption. One could say that this was the Derrick Rose perspective, where Adidas were trying to find ways of helping to keep their highest paid client on the court and off the hospital bed.

Fast forward to a few models later, Adidas decide to feature a full length Boost on their shoes. this was a move that was well received by many, especially because it came at a time when certain companies were developing their own cushioning systems. The Boost came back and zoomed right past them to stand as the best cushioning foam on the market. With that, Adidas had to find the right athletes to put their products on; and there were few better than Andrew Wiggins to go with. Wiggins is young, springy, skilled and atheletic; the right recipe to blend with the Boost. That is where the Crazy Explosive Primeknit was born. Though the 1st colourway was received by negative reviews, Adidas quickly went back to the drawing board and came up with more vibrant colourways.

From the 1st time I laced these up, there was no doubt that it was the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever had on. A quick jog around the block to put the Boost to the test, then a session in the weights room, then a ball game on the hardwood of Wembley Arena, shootaround at Wanderers, then a solid run at the concrete floor at the Slaughterhouse. In all those instances, 2 things were constant; compliments for the dope red kickz, and curiosity about its comfort. Of course the Boost is not the only great thing about the shoe, the upper is made up of great Primeknit material which also appeared on other models. There is also the inner boot which locks your foot and ankle in place  to assist with any level of action and movement.  Everywhere I go I find myself engaging with strangers and friends alike about this here, best sneaker in the world.

The more I lace these up, the more I ask myself; what was the world like before we got Boost?

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