Getting content to work for YOU

Great content is almost unfair. It brings qualified purchasers to you, helps drive conversions while providing brand lift, and continues to deliver value for years. 

But in a crowded digital space, not every piece of content achieves its full potential. Content success requires adaptability, strategy, a willingness to provide value, and above all, persistence.

At Click Media Productions, we create content that resonates with your customers because it’s engineered for them. Our content development services start with well-crafted strategies, drawing on channel expertise and performance data to make better content that works harder for your business.

Business Content Development

Our Content Development Process


Research-A deep dive into the facts

We start by getting to know your audience – their questions, their interests, and their needs. We examine content your competitors are creating to identify whitespace. We include content competitors who are fighting for your audience’s attention even if they’re not angling for their business. We also take the time to really get to know you – we want to understand how you work, and what knowledge we can harness to produce the best possible content.


Ideation-Getting informed and inspired

Once we understand your business and our goals, it’s time for us to put our heads together and come up with business-relevant ideas that will add value to your audience and make their lives better. When we’ve come up with some winners, we pitch them to you for feedback.


Copywriting + Design

Our experienced copywriters take what they’ve learned and apply your unique brand voice and perspective to create compelling pieces of content. From the beginning, the content team works closely with design to ensure that your content grabs audience attention and holds it with outstanding visuals.


Launch + Promotion

Launching your content is not the end. In an age of content overload, your content promotion strategy must be every bit as smart as your content creation plan. Owned, earned and paid tactics all have their place in promoting content. Successful social promotion and digital PR can add enormous value. Paid promotion has the benefit of expanding your reach, and giving a wealth of new data about what headlines or ads attract interest and from whom. [Links to social media, digital PR, and paid media respectively]



Content marketing doesn’t track onto conversions in the same way as (say) digital ads, but measurement is still critical to generate insights, gauge performance, and plan future content. Because content marketing is usually, but not always, about raising awareness and attracting interest from prospects, we focus on setting engagement and brand lift-oriented KPIs unless your content serves another specific purpose in your conversion funnel. A piece of content can hit the jackpot and find a huge audience, but the best content marketers create regular content – growing their audience, adjusting for feedback, and sticking with it. We see each content piece as a launching pad to the next.


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